PDJones' Hacker News Guided Proj

Feedback please!! :slight_smile: [Python Project: Exploring Hacker News Posts — Next Steps | Dataquest](https://app.dataquest.io/c/62/m/356/guided-project%3A-exploring-hacker-news-posts/8/next-steps)

HackerNews.ipynb (20.9 KB)

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Hi @PDJones Great to see that you are on a roll! Congratulations on finishing one more guided project.

Your project looks great. It is easy to understand from all the introductions and comments you have provided. Your code comments are also very helpful. Conclusion was also nice.

In case if you want to explore further and to convert the timezone into another one, you can check out this library. https://pytz.sourceforge.net/

Keep up the good work. Looking forward to seeing your next project.

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As always, thanks for the feedback jithins!! Great idea about the additional time zone, perhaps even doing an analysis for each of the US time zones. :thinking:

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