Permission denied for order of redirections mission

i also can’t go in to ~/learn

/home/dq$ cd /home/learn                                                        
bash: cd: /home/learn: No such file or directory                                

when i list it. 
/home$ ls -l                                                                    
total 8                                                                         
drwxr-xr-x 1 dq dq 4096 Apr 12 05:01 dq     

Did i mess up the directory?


I don’t understand your question. You’re not supposed be able to go into /home/learn, that directory is only mentioned in examples, it’s not part of the exercises.

Got this here at

/home/dq$ ls /dev/null /home/inexistent 2>&1 1>redirection_order                
ls: cannot access /home/inexistent: No such file or directory                   
/home/dq$ cd /home                                                              
/home$ ls /dev/null /home/inexistent 2>&1 1>redirection_order                   
bash: redirection_order: Permission denied

or is that the instructions meant sthg else?

Everything here is expected behavior, these instructions are correct. You’re supposed to get error messages.

The idea behind this screen is exactly to generate an error message and:

  1. See that the error message wasn’t redirected to the file redirection_order.
  2. Compare redirection_order with what we get when we don’t (even try to) redirect the error message.
    • We do this by comparing redirection_order with order_verification.
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i think i am quite lost on the Command Line latter missions. Am rereading the missions again, but are there any suggested supplemental reading / tutorials i can follow up on to strengthen my understanding in this?

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Have you checked the resources in the takeaways at the end of each mission?

Can you pinpoint in which missions you started having trouble?

One recommendation I’ll make is to start using the command-line extensively. For a period of time, you can even avoid using GUIs altogether, to get in the groove of using a shell. The necessity (and Google) will help you grow.

Standard Streams and File Descriptors. Yeah, i will try that. Thanks :grinning:

Then definitely checkout the resources! I wouldn’t worry too much about this part of the content, it gets some getting used to (to the shell) to internalize the concepts. Come back at it in a few weeks or months.

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I totally agree - up until now all of the course instructions have been clear but this section is a bit frustrating and does not explain how this is useful in the real world. It would really help to have examples of why and when and how these steps are used in a real world project.