Permutations and Combinations - Question 2

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Hello everyone.
For this question:
2. Calculate the probability of getting a 5-card hand with four aces and a seven of diamonds (assume we’re drawing randomly and without replacement from the deck). Assign your answer to p_aces_7 .

The solution is:
c = permutation(52,5) / factorial(5)
p_aces_7 = 1/c

Wouldn’t this:

also be suitable?


hey @samyrhelou

Are you 100% sure the “7 of diamond” will always come last in your hand when you are dealt with 5 cards in a deck without replacement!?

there is no chance you won’t get a combo like A7DAAA or AAA7DA or AA7DAA or 7DAAAA assuming all the other 4 cards are Aces etc.

Interesting! :thinking:

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The numbers are different, they can’t both be correct.

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Thanks for the answers.

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