Personal project: how to put into practice what you've learned

Hello everyone! This project started as let’s learn more about the Beautiful Soup library and finished as a tutorial on how to put into practice our Python knowledge.

I used web scraping and API to collect the metadata of more than 11000 books from the Blackwell’s Bookshop website. I hope you like reading the project!

Any feedback is appreciated. You can also find the project on my GitHub.

P.S I would also like to thank @moriturus7 for small advice at the beginning of the project.

P.P.S. I uploaded the datasets on Kaggle. Check them out!

Happy coding :smile:

blackwells-bookshop.ipynb (110.5 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Hi @artur.sannikov96
Thanks for the inspiration. I’ve always wanted to do a web scraping project. This could be the push I needed. Thanks again for sharing this.

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