Personal Project on Population

Hi everyone,
I have just shared my first project on analysis of the World’s population .Any feedback on codes,styles are welcomed as they will guide me on what to improve on.
Thanks in Advance.
worlds population data analysis (1).ipynb (168.8 KB)

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@muso5672 :handshake: on completing the project. It is a good feeling when you stick to it and complete it.

I’ve gone through your project and have a couple of points to hopefully improve the same.(please click on the triangle bullet points for more info)

Presentation Style
  • It is best to always re-run all the cells from the beginning so that the cells can be numbered correctly. I noticed that cell numbering became discontinuous after cell[14]. You can re-number the cells from 1 by doing the following:

  • In the introduction, I recommend that you add a link to the actual dataset. This helps readers go through your dataset and confirm findings on their own.

  • I noticed that your title capitalizations are not consistent. It is best to get those in order to keep it clean. e.g. in the title aim and introduction are all capitals but population density title is all small letters.

  • I would recommend that you add different colors to each plot. Otherwise, users could be left wondering whether the plots are related. Just include the color parameter for the same.['name'],most_dense['dense_area'],color='red')
  • In the output of cell[14], I noticed that the new column land water has many undefined values i.e.inf. You could use this bit of code in stackoverflow to help resolve the issue.
  • The link you provided after cell[30] (related to Lesotho) does not seem to work. You will need to re-link to include the correct reference
Coding Style
  • I did not find serious issues regarding this.
  • There is a SettingWithCopyWarning for the output of cell [10]. You could read this article in Dataquest to understand why the warning has come up. It is a long and worthy read, and something of an issue that you are likely to encounter as you learn.
  • Once you are done with the lessons on visualizations, I recommend that you re-visit this project and enhance your current plots. e.g., You could improve your column or bar plots by setting countries in the Y axis and related values in the x-axis. This helps to make the plot readable.

Keep up the spirit :rocket: and hope to see many more of your projects :dizzy:.

@jesmaxavier jesmaxavier
Thank very much for checking out my project.
I will take into consideration all the points that you have highlighted for me.
With the highlights I will improve and work more on my weaknesses.

Thank you very much