Personal Project - Quick Analysis of a Football Team's Playoff Appearances


I added this personal project so I can practice what I learned in the Dataquest Excel Data Analysis Class. I was watching a football show and kept hearing the same question so I thought, "why not pull some data and find the answer for myself. "

This is just a quick analysis so I can practice what I am learning.

football team ABC record - Sheet4.csv (409 Bytes)


I don’t know if you are a NFL fan but I love watching football talk shows. I kept hearing so many questions about whether a team has gotten better.

I now realize that I do not know what is better for them, how do you define better? What is the success metric? Is it ticket sales? Is it TV appearances? Is is playoff appearances or winning the Super Bowl?

True, this is one of those instances where you have to ask “Who’s asking the question?”

I don’t know much about NFL nor anything sports really, but from an outsider’s perspective, it seems as if there are at least two basic metrics for what’s better - how much money the team brings into the league (or any sports enterprise) and the win/lose rate. Fans and sports analysts probably only care about the latter, while organizers care about the former more than the latter.

It would be interesting to see how much a team’s success in terms of their win/loss rate, correlates with the money they bring into the league. For example, if team B replaced team A as the best team, would that attract more viewers and advertisers?

Yeah, my ignorance about sport is showing here haha, so I better stop.


I know, I need to find some revenue data next…good tip