Personal Project: Working with Nager.Date API

Hello everyone! After I finished the API and web scraping courses on DataQuest I was very excited about the idea of creating my own datasets. There is some much data on the web that you can analyze and we have so powerful instruments to retrieve all this data.

I decided to practice API and mainly used this amazing tutorial by DQ to create my own dataset. My initial idea was just to have fun writing some code but then I understood that I can create some useful datasets that other people can use for their own analysis and here where the project’s idea was born.

I scrolled this list of public APIs and decided to choose Nager.Date API that collects data about holidays worldwide. Finally, I created two datasets: of public holidays and of long weekends in different counties. I also did some data cleaning to prepare the datasets for analysis but the rest is on the shoulders of whom is going to use them.

I also proposed some questions to answer to help someone kick off with the analysis.

I will upload the notebook here on DQ and you can access the csv files on my GitHub.

I would like to receive feedback mainly on code efficiency. I also thought about creating a function for cell 5 to improve readability but couldn’t understand how to implement it… If you see any possibility to make it, I would be grateful for your help.

Happy coding, everyone!

P.S. I wasn’t able to tag this topic as personal-project because it’s not in the list of available tags…

nager-public-holidays.ipynb (33.4 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Hello @artur.sannikov96

I have looked at your project and I feel it is very neat and simple to understand the context. Code has written very well. I felt that current code in cell 5 is good , incase, if we go for function this might be bit tricky. (May be some brainstorming required if we want to simplify this process :grin:)

I believe grouping the data frames of holidays and weekends reveals some more interesting insights. Every good data analysis should also have some visualization.

I personally felt that we should expand our analysis with these dataframes on the points you mentioned in the conclusions part and try to draw some more insights from it. May be, I am also thinking to give it a shot if that is ok for you :slight_smile:

Finally I observed some sentences are repetitive. Please keep a tab on them

Thanks again for sharing this wonderful project with community.


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Hi @prasadkalyan05! Thanks for the detailed feedback:)

Of course, you can do an analysis with the datasets, they are free, just reference my project:)

P.S. You can download them from Kaggle.

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Awesome, thank you! :blush:

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Amazing works. Thanks for the sharing.

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