Pip vs. Pipenv vs. Poetry


This is an article I wrote while learning about python packages.

I was oblivious to the existence of multiple versions of Python packages. When I started my journey in Python, I did it with Anaconda and Jupyter notebooks. So, like most, I have never had to deal with the concept of environments and package dependencies until I hit a roadblock trying to install Geopandas library for a project I was working on.

I hope the article helps you with starting your journey. I have included all the references I used to understand the concepts.

Pip vs. Pipenv vs. Poetry.ipynb (110.3 KB)

Please feel free to point out any errors, misunderstandings, or spelling mistakes. I have tried to take care of the latter, but some may have escape my vision.

Happy reading!!

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Thanks a lot for this, it’s quite comprehensive and well-detailed

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