Pivot table not showing all rows

Hi there,

I’m currently doing the Business Analyst with Tableau course and I can’t understand the behavior of Excel in screen number 6:

The instructions say to create a pivot table with these fields:

  • order_id along Rows
  • Sum of sales inside Values

When I do this, I get a total of 5010 rows. But the original sheet (“orders”) contains 9995 rows.

Just as an exercise, I created a pivot table with only “sales” or “profits” in the rows. And the result is always a different number of rows.

Why is that? As there are no blank values, it should always be 9995 rows, right?

EDIT: I would like to add that on screen 7, the solution in the corresponding excel sheet for the goal-seeking task is incorrect as the profit margin is left out of the equation to calculate the profits.

Hi @fischerandreas,

Great question! I tried to find the lesson you are referencing but the link took me to a different lesson. Can you add the link to the screen 6?

Without reviewing the dataset, are there any duplicate order_ids? Did an order_id have multiple products? So, when you run the pivot table, you get the aggregate or sum by order_id. That may cause less rows because now all the orders are rolled into one row???

Could you please report the EDIT for screen 7 to the Technical Support Team of Dataquest? Just click the ? button in the upper-right corner of the platform screen where you detected this issue, click Share Feedback , describe the problem, and send the ticket. Thanks!


Hi Cassandra,

Thanks a lot for the quick reply and you are right, there are multiple duplicate order_ids in the column. I somehow didn’t spot that!

I also reported the wrong calculation in the solution sheet, as you have suggested.