Planning myself

Hey guys! Just wanted to ask people more experienced than me about the interesting paths to take on Dataquest. I have started and plan to finish the Data Scientist in Python path for sure. I was wondering if it is worth it to also do the Data Engineer path, or if it is a lot of repeated material. I have a lot of experience with R, can anyone that has done the R path talk about it?

Finally, as a question to the staff: do you plan to add more content soon?


Hi Bruno!

Congrats on your progress in the Data Scientist path! :tada:

As an ex-data engineer (now I’m working mostly on infrastructure at Dataquest), I would definitely recommend the Data Engineer path! I went through the path during its launch, and it’s impressive quality content. (I also learned a few things myself, despite having worked as a data engineer for several years.)

There is plenty of data engineering content that’s not in the Data Scientist path – you can definitely do both paths and get something out of it.

I know that the content team is constantly working on improving content and adding new stuff, but hopefully someone from that team can answer with more specifics. :slight_smile:



I think this topic might help you, Bruno -