Please Fix the Takeaway Content Overlapping Problem

The takeaways are very useful when I need to review the syntax of a mission. However, the content overlapping problem makes it uncomfortable to read the takeaways. After looking around community, I found this is a common issue and it has been there for a quite long time.

Thanks for the workaround and it works fine. Besides, the downloaded pdf looks inconsistent with original ones, and I truly don’t want to use the workaround to download all the pdfs again.

I do hope DataQuest can fix the problem on the takeaway download page to make things easier. In addition, it would be perfect if a combined takeaway file can be downloaded for every course. Or somewhere I can just “select all” takeaways of the missions I have done.

The courses are great, please make the takeaways great as well.
Appreciate your time and efforts.


Vote this bug so that it is prioritized by DQ. HERE


This issue has been fixed! :tada: