Please I need clarification with respect to the concept of SQL

Hi, I am really confused about SQL database or the concept behind it. I understand that it is a structured collection of data. In a bid to understand this better, I have searched as much as I could to find real life database, unfortunately to no avail. I am currently unable to preview the one on the interface.

With the few lessons learned, I noticed we are provided with the name of the table. What happens when I just want to explore the database on my own, know the tables and the types of data it is made up of?

What is the principle behind the inability to open the “factbook.db” database even after downloading and installing both MySQL and sqlite3? Please find below the message that pops up when evenever I click on the downloaded database file.

Hello @maduka.maureen

I looked up on the internet, this seems to be an error related to windows. Here’ a link which should solve your issue. Let me know, if it worked.

Thanks a lot for your help and apologies for my late response. I followed the instructions but it didn’t work and I realized that the solution is based on dll extension rather than db. And following the instructions, it requires that I delete files with db extension which of course are needed. However I figured that I could use DB Browser for SQLite to bypass this problem.
Thank you once again. I sincerely appreciate