Please participate in my survey related to AI-Machine learning quality under the Ethical consideration! I want to hear about your experience!

Dear network,
I am not sure this is the right place. But, I desperately need your help!!

As part of my Master’s thesis at the Universiteit van Amsterdam, I am conducting a study about #AI, #Machinelearning, Ethical consideration #Ethicss), and its relationship to decision-making outcome quality! I would like to kindly ask your help to participate in my survey. This survey is only for PEOPLE WHO HAVE EXPERIENCE IN THE DECISION-MAKING PROCESS WITH BUSINESS PROJECT before. If you have working experience with AI, Machine learning, or deep learning, it would be even better!!! Please fill this survey to support me!!

The survey link:

This survey takes about 5 minutes maximum. To find out the relationship, I need your help with sufficient participants. Please fill out this survey and contribute to helping me to finish my academic work! Feel free to distribute this survey to your network!

I am looking forward to hearing your answers!

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*NB, Please let me know if this is an inappropriate way to approach this community. I will drop the post immediately.