Please recommend me a dataset for a project

I have enjoyed the titianic project walkthrough.

I have decided to take a break from dataquest now to work on my own project.

However I have spent hours searching kaggle and cannot find a suitable dataset


Binary Classification Target Variable

Medical dataset

So please can someone suggest me a kaggle dataset??

Previous competition so I have a target and leaderboard to motivate myself

You can use Kaggle’s Search bar to narrow things down.

Just search for a good keyword, like “medical”, and then you will see

Searching for medical within

followed by some options to select. You can choose “Competitions” and that should narrow down the possible datasets for you to go through. You can try different keywords as well to find some of them.

Whether or not a dataset satisfies all your requirements is really dependent on what’s available on the website. You will have to rely on different resources if Kaggle doesn’t help beyond a point. Like -