Please review my guided project on the CIA World Factbook


Hello everyone, would appreciate some feedback on my guided project for the SQL fundamentals course using the CIA World Factbook data set, thank you!

Please find below GitHub link to the project

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Please find uploaded file
Project to explore statistics of countries worldwide.ipynb (22.2 KB)

Thanks again.

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Hello, I’m also new to data analysis but I’ve checked your project out via github and here are some things I’ve noticed:

  • Project could’ve been named and explained better. For example: “Exploratory Analysis of CIA World Factbook Data”. I think you could’ve told more about for what purposes you are analysing the data and what you are looking for here in general.
  • I personally prefer using rivers while writing SQL code. Your code here is pretty readable, too, but I find them pretty. As a next step of polishing your project, you can check the SQL Style Guide.
  • I think you could’ve renamed the column names of the output of the 3rd cell. Not a big deal, though.
  • “… click [here] to discover more interesting facts about the coldest continent in the world!” caught me off guard, how very nice of you! I’ll check that link out later.
  • After the 4th cell, it reads “China, is located in East Asia, and is the largest of all Asian countries…”. However, I think you should have specified “largest” as in “largest population” or “largest wall” etc… Because I read this and the sentence that crossed my mind was that “Russia is an Asian country bigger than Pluto!”. Also, you should omit those commas.
  • population_density = populationarea ∗ 100 is the formula you have given and it lacks a “/”.
  • I don’t think selecting country codes were necessary since we already have distinct country names.
  • I think you should’ve rounded “population_density” in the 6th cell, too.
  • “These countries have the highest ratios of water to land are British Indian Ocean Territory, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.” could be restated as “Countries that have the highest water to land ratios are British Indian Ocean Territory, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.”

Good job overall!


Hi @dilarakrby,

Thanks so much for the valuable feedback :relaxed: :smiley: I’m making the suggested changes to the project at the moment, deeply appreciated, thank you!

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