Please review my Guided Project: Profitable App Profiles for App Store and Google Play Markets - Kridge


  2. Finding Profitable Mobile Apps.ipynb (46.0 KB)

  3. I would appreciate some feedback about my english and what can I improve.

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Hi Kridge, welcome to the community! Congrats on completing your project. Everything is laid out really well with headings and commented code, well done. I didn’t have issues with your English. :slight_smile:

I had some confusion about the analysis toward the end leading up to your conclusion and recommendation for a game app. We saw that the games category has the most number of apps, but later discovered that it had a significantly lower number of average users. There was some code that looked at the categories with the highest average number of users, but it didn’t seem to be a factor in the final analysis. I think that needs to be explained to the reader so they understand why you made those choices.

I would also challenge you to do some of the additional analysis on the Games category which you suggested to see what kind of game would be best to make. The Play Store data Genres column has the subcategories that you could use for this when you feel up to it.

I hope any of this was helpful. Thanks for sharing with us!

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Hi @april.g,

Yes, I’ll make some more explanation for my conclusion to justify.

Thank you for the feedback! :blush: