Please review my Guided Project: Profitable App Profiles for App Store and Google Play Markets

I would love some feedback on the conclusions I have come to about a likely successful app profile and what else I could do to gain further insight.

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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hey @thaysom22

thank you for sharing this project.

Romantic and Bookworm? dating app with shared literature interests! :+1:

Extra point for this very different conclusion. When I worked on this project I practically copied the write-up. and the conclusion was ditto (no creativity at all)!

The workflow was smooth and neat to read!

For future projects, please include the goofy and non-nerdy ones as well (like me)!

Hi Rucha,

Thanks so much for reading it!

Do you think that my conclusion was well justified by the data? I wasnt sure as I felt I may have been ‘forcing’ a conclusion which wasn’t properly supported!

I will keep your advice in mind about writing for different readers!