Poorly Written Missions


This whole mission is poorly written. It’s almost as if someone is using voice recognition software to write things down: dividing is repeatedly spelled ‘diving’ amongst several other mistakes. Also not that intuitive as the other missions.

Same holds true for the last few missions in the Data Science path.

Please have a look.


Thank you so much for taking the time to post this feedback. I do see the spelling errors in the mission you referenced. We’ll get these corrected by the beginning of next week and review the rest of the mission for any other errors.

We do review all courses before we release them, so we’ll also look at how we can better prevent these kinds of errors in the future. If you have any other questions or specific feedback that we can address, we’d be happy to take a look. Thank you again for your feedback.


Hi Julie, thank you. Actually I do - the latter half of the Engineering path needs a major overhaul. I understand that it may be a work in progress, but not only are there major grammatical issues but the last 4 courses (20 odd missions) are not written keeping in view the student’s learning journey so far.

The Data Science pathway was brilliant for the first 85 percent of the course, and the same can be said for the Data Engineering path about 50 percent through the course. But the overall content quality drops significantly at the end of both pathways.

Just trying to give constructive feedback, not trying to be overtly critical. The purpose of providing it here is that you make them more intuitive and in-line with the overall paths.


Please don’t apologize! This is really helpful feedback and we always appreciate perspectives on how we can improve the learning experience. The beginning of the paths have gotten more attention over the past couple months, so I’ll take this feedback to the team and discuss how we can continue improving the later courses in these paths. Thank you again and definitely feel free to continue adding here if you think of anything else.

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