Popular data science questions - looking for feedback!


Took me a while to get this one out the door, but here is my project on Popular Data Science Questions. Happy to receive feedback on any aspect of the project (code, writing etc.) - it’s always appreciated!

popular-data-science-questions.ipynb (384.1 KB)

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Thanks for sharing, the heatmap is a very creative way to represent the relationship.


hey @radiofireworks

Welcome back and thank you for sharing this awesome project with the DQ community!

Somehow I can’t think of meaningful questions to ask you on the analysis done in this project. I almost thought of different timelines being considered for finding the top 10 topics and then taking a deep dive on one selected topic for multiple years. The narrative is cool enough to answer that. Great work :+1:

Agree with @danghien.hvnh on the heat map. Quick suggestions though:

  • since you have already selected the top 10 topics, you could have summarized the relationship in one heat map itself. You may have highlighted the upper triangle and formatting work as a side note and multi-line comment section in the code cell.
  • Also, the fig size could have been adjusted to make the heatmap visible in one go instead of the reader having to scroll the page to read the x & y-axis. (Let me know if this comment is confusing.)

Special mention on Volume and % plot. It looks so cool and professional and the year separation is just Wow! :heart_eyes:

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Thanks for sharing @radiofireworks ! I really enjoyed reading through your project. I can’t wait to try some of the skills you’ve showcased here.


Thank you all for your kind comments/feedback!

@Rucha - good points! I’m not really sure why I left both heatmaps in, I’ll cut the first one out to make the project more concise and improve the flow! As for the scrollbars, that’s strange - the heatmaps appear in full on my screen, and even when I reduce my window size the figures scale automatically.

I have just noticed a couple of my screenshots haven’t loaded properly, so I’ll fix that too!

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