Popular Data Science Questions - submission to Champions of the Week contest(teeny tiny minor correction)

Hi pips from the dark side of the moon :milky_way:,

Just wanted to share with you my latest Project. Hope it inspires you to…sleep better. And it will work effectively if you check it just prior to go to bed :grin:.

Popular Data Science Questions.ipynb (246.5 KB)

Feel free to love it or hate it, but feedbacks are mandatory :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Enjoy the journey, and don’t forget, try to always have fun :slight_smile:.

Obrigado, and especially to @Elena_Kosourova for all the support and inspiration *

Popular Data Science Questions.py (26.4 KB)

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Hi Abel,

Oh, I’m really glad and proud to hear that my suggestions inspired you to write such a great work! :star_struck: And don’t be modest, you project is amazing and interesting, and after reading it, just the opposite, I won’t sleep all the night, being fascinated! :heart_eyes: :sweat_smile: I especially like your plots, they are so clean, informative, and insightful, without any distraction for the reader, only the most necessary information shown. The narrative and all the observations are very interesting, smooth, and easy to follow. It’s also cool that you distinguished data wrangling as the second sphere to investigate and write some materials on. When I was doing the same project, I didn’t notice this information :innocent: And in general, perfect structure, clean code and code commenting!

Keep up this high level, waiting for new cool projects from you soon! :star:

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You are far too kind! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, once again!

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Este homem está muita forte!

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Haha, estou estou! A precisar de umas férias urgentes é o que estou :grin: A vida está é para ti, malandro :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Obrigado por toda a tua ajuda muito preciosa :slight_smile: