Portfolio Project_ Predicting EPL Football Match Winners With Machine Learning

Hello, I’m sharing a project I did following the founder’s instructions, but all my outputs are quite different from his. I would love feedback on my project. Thank you.
Epl Winner prediction.ipynb (171.4 KB)

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Great work @oladejoalexander3, I had a short glance at your project, and it appears that you complied with all the requirements. Your entire code seems nice, I really enjoyed every step taken and how you were able to improve the accuracy of the model. Regarding the project’s presentation, one idea would be made. Using markdown cells for introductions, explanations, conclusions, etc. can significantly increase readability and turn the code into a report. Also useful are code comments. Here is a comprehensive handbook that will be useful to you moving forward.

Okay, but how do we actually go forward and predict future matches?

I have been thinking about that.
Once we merge the matches with shooting in the webScraping part, we are losing our future matches and we only are training our model and do back testing, but no actual future prediction is happening.

I am quite a beginner and i have some issues building it up, so it can actually predict future matches for us.
Can i actually add NaN values for non-played matches under shooting stats and keep them into our matches.csv or something like that?