PostgreSQL for windows


Using the link provided for installing PostgreSQL on Windows, I found that the Windows installers are no longer updated:

Is this a problem? I looked for other sources and found, can anyone please explain what the difference is?


Shortly, is original version. is version of PostgreSQL extended with additional functionality.

Take it as database with mods (modifications) :grin:

From BigSQL About page:
“in addition to the core PostgreSQL database, BigSQL is integrated with more than 20 open source projects that make it easier to do Postgres development, integration, scale-out, and management, as well as migrations from proprietary databases.”


Thank you! Should I be concerned that the BigSQL version is no longer updated? Can I use the archive or would you recommend another package?

I wouldn’t be concerned if you use it for learning (not in production :)). Their latest update is relatively fresh. So, yes, you can use the archive.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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