PostgreSQL Installation

Hi I am at the PostgreSQL Installation mission

I was able to installed the package using windows installer. Afterwards, the course instruction stated that “To test your installation, open your command line application, type psql , and you should be in the PostgreSQL shell.”. However, I got a fetal error after typing psql from the command window (psql: FATAL: role “Xueho” does not exist). Note that the PATH was automatically set by the installer to “C:\Users\Xueho\PostgreSQL\pg11\bin” within the environmental variables and the program started without error from the start menu. Any recommendations?


You may find this topic particularly helpful in your situation.

Thanks @ranklord. I saw this post too, but my issue is that I didn’t try to do anything but to start PostgreSQL from the terminal. According to the course, typing psql from the terminal should take me to the PostgreQql shell, but it didn’t. On the other hand, I can start the shell from the Start menu. I would like to make it work both ways if possible.


Hey Xuehong, did you make it? If so, how?


@jfpsmatos, do you mean installing postgreSQL? It’s been so long I don’t remember it at all. Why don’t you present your current problem and see whether we can figure that out.

I guess I did it too… it’s been too long! Thanks!