Potential error in a Takeaways pdf

I found a potential error in Takeaways in the 2nd Python course: “Python for Data Science: Intermediate”, 2nd mission: Python Data Analysis Basics, in the Takeaways, under: Syntax; String Formatting And Format Specifications; Format specification for comma separator:

It reads:

india_pop = The approximate population of {} is {}".format(“India”,1324000000)

I think there is a " missing at the beginning of the string and :, missing within the second {} bracket.

If I’m mistaken, please let me know.


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Hi @marijana,

Thank you so much! I will get it logged.


Hi @Sahil,


Thanks for the speedy reply and all you do for this platform. As a user, I find Dataquest very useful and I’m thankful its so accessible to wide audiences.

Best of luck,

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The error is still there fyi.

Yea I just saw it its still there.

Hi @troc25,

Can you please send me a screenshot? It shows correctly on my end:
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I wonder if it was corrected?

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Could be some kind of technical glitch. Cause it was fixed on April 7, 2020

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