Power BI course not showing completed courses and lessons


I’ve been proceeding in the Power BI course but the dashboard keeps showing a few lessons and courses as incomplete, although I’ve completed them.

What can I do?
I need to complete the whole course so that I get a discount for the Microsoft Power BI exam.


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I was having the same issue. What I found helped was to change browser (I was having issues using Firefox) and reload. Alternatively, what also helped was to switch career paths to something else, then switch back.

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Have been at it for 24 hours.
If I could atleast get the datasets I can start working on Power BI desktop locally.


I also have the same issue now… the right part of the screen won’t appear, I tried different connections and browsers but to no avail.


This is what I want, too. But there’s no way to download the datasets without the interface also loading. I tried going into the “download code” section on my profile, but it’s completely empty for the Power BI courses.

Could we get links to the data sets temporarily until it is fixed?


Honestly, lots of issues with the Power BI course. I get it they are still uploading the lessons but atleast providing the datasets for download or links, like they do for python courses could have helped. Even the community moderators are not that active for this course. Its so frustrating.

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Very silly move having the downloads hidden within the loading side panel. Even download icon so smalI i didnt see it at first. Seems like a good course but its being let down by the redundant side screen. BI desktop is just a free download

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Hi everyone,

Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing these issues with the Power BI path. However, this Community is just the wrong place to discuss it: here, in the Q&A section of the Community, people (including myself) can help you only with your technical questions on data-related topics. Instead, what you’re reporting seems to be a platform bug or your feedback about the platform. So, if you want to efficiently resolve the above issues or any other technical issues with the platform itself, OR if you want to leave a feedback (now or in the future), please each of you follow these steps:

  1. If you want to report bugs or typos in the Dataquest learning materials themselves or technical issues with the learning platform: click the ? button in the upper-right corner of the platform screen where you detected this issue, click Report an Issue, describe the problem, and sent the message.

  2. If you want to send feedback about the learning materials, the teaching style of Dataquest, or absent/additional features: click the ? button in the upper-right corner of any screen of the Dataquest learning platform, select Share Feedback, fill in the form, and send it.

Please note that there is no other way to report platform issues / leave feedback about Dataquest. You can find useful also this post.

Hope it helps :nerd_face: