Power Bi Guided Project : Visualization of Life Expectancy and GDP Variation Over Time

Hello fellow DQers,

Its been a while I have submitted a guided project here. Finally I was able to finish one of the latest Power BI guided projects. So here I am, submitting for a review.

While trying to share the project, I’ve realised that Power BI platform doesn’t make it easy to share reports. Personally, what I found is that exporting the report as pdf is one of the easiest ways to share it .

If you know a better way to do it please share it here.

Well here is the finished product of the guided project

Life Expectancy GDP Viz (1).pdf (198.8 KB)

Looking forward to your feedback. Thank you.


@jithins123 excellent :100: attempt at the project. I was looking it for a while as I think yours is the first project on the platform related to the same.

A couple of pointers that I hope could help to improve your project. I could be wrong as I myself have only started to learn. Power BI.

  • For the first plot Life Expectancy vs. Year: I think the fourth plot makes more sense than the first chart. While both use the same columns, the fourth plot clearly shows that Europe has a higher life expectancy than all other countries.
  • In the second plot you could set the slicer as a drop-down instead of a list, thus when the reader has a better understanding of what filtering the chart related to. You can do the same by setting the following in the slicer.

I think that is all I have for now. I hope to give more and better remarks once I get a better understanding :open_book:. Hope this was helpful and looking forward to seeing more of your work.

This is a good attempt. Well done!

I have just completed the Life Expectancy Viz as well. For some reason, I cannot share my PDF file here. View the Snapshots below.

@tosingeorge01 Well done Sir!!! I am stunned!!!

@barnantwi70 I’m female :grinning: