PowerBI web interface on mac

I love the new PowerBI skill track. I would like my students to practice PowerBI, but some of them have a Mac. Would it be possible to use the PowerBI web interface just for practice?

additionally, it is possible to import and export your own data and .pbix files through the PowerBI web interface?

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Hi Louis - All the work for the courses can be completed either through the embedded Power BI Desktop interface within the Dataquest learning interface or through the Power BI service, which is in the browser. So you Mac users should be in good shape.

Regarding working with their own datasets, they can’t use their own datasets within the embedded Power BI Desktop interface. However, they can with the Power BI service, since that will be their own account on the browser.

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So, the PBI interface of Dataquest isn’t good because sometimes I struggle a lot to load it and to get the good working file? whereas my internet connection is good.


I replied you here. Please take the steps described in that my post to send your feedback to the Content & Product teams. Unfortunately, here in the Community, people can’t help you with it. Thanks!