Practice: Exploring Ebay Car Sales project

Hi Everyone,

I am shifting my career to Data Analysis field. I mostly follow Dataquest instruction and half of the time ran into obstacles that need to refer to solution file. I wonder if it is because my data analysis skill is weak still.

If you spot a better approach or have any constructive feedbacks, please give a comment!

Explore Ebay Car Sales.ipynb (125.7 KB)

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hey @trangnthb10

you are not alone, to sneak-peek at the solution here and there.

Great work on this project. It does have room(s) for improvement. It will come to you as you progress further. :slight_smile:

one of them could be writing a short note about the partition method, as it will only work for those rows that have the first word in the name column as the brand.

Happy learning!

Thank you for your comment. Learning from the other posts is a good way. I am aiming to finish the course, then practice all again, then check out other people’s post to learn from them and answer other learners’ question if I could.
I will go back to this exercise, add note for partition and practice more.

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