Practice on Data Science / Data Analyst Projects

Hello All,

Since few months I am undergoing a course “Data Scientist in Python” at Dataquest. The idea of doing this course was mainly to change my career. This course is helping me to gain knowledge required for this. And doing guided projects helped me to gain some confidence in the process.

Since I am neither from coding nor from Statistics background, I understand that this course alone is not sufficient to get a job in the desired field. Also I don’t get much opportunity to practice what I learned through various missions apart from these guided projects. Sometimes I am in a situation where in one mission requires me to use the skills which I learned in a previous mission. And since I did not use those skills later I may have forgotten and thereby requiring me to revisit the mission to refresh my knowledge. So I was thinking if I could find some means where I keep using these skills, thereby not forgetting completely what I learned.

I would like know from other learners and experts that from where else can I do practice projects. The idea is to use the newly acquired skills and knowledge and also work on projects that can help me to build a good portfolio.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.