Predicting Car prices (By KNN Model)

This project is on predicting car prices by using the KNN model.

Predicting Car Prices.ipynb (386.6 KB)

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Hi @adityamodi1113
Thanks for sharing your project with Dataquest Community. The whole project looks pretty well. The introduction, information background of the dataset and the dataset’s link have been well tackled. I love how you have worked out most of your functions , and the visualization process, the whole staff is admirable. Keep it up mate for the good work.

Have got a humble suggestion to make;

  • Always consider giving explanations when you are exploring on a new concept , like in cell [13], I noticed that you were normalizing the the columns, a better approach is to introduce the reader why you are doing so. Adding more comments can also help out in such situations.
  • Consider re-running your project to have the sequential ordering of the code cells.
  • You can delete the last code cell, being that it is empty , it serve no purpose in your project.

Otherwise , congratulations for having completed the guided project on Predicting car prices.

Happy learning.

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