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Predicting Car Prices or Not?

I found this project to be very challenging with regards to python coding with K-nearest Neighbors Regression and quite complicated in regards to output that really didn’t tell me very much about car price predictability model. To me using K-nearest Neighbors Regression appears to be very weak in comparison to using Multiple Regression Analysis. Hopefully I will learn how to code in python with Multiple Regression Analysis.


Predicting Car Prices.ipynb (239.5 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Hi @sbgraham72
Thanks for sharing another project on Predicting Car Prices with the Dataquest’s community.
The general layout is very admirable, the code lines , the explanations given in the markdown cell , the visualization, the conclusion are very informing. I find it motivating that you have managed to work through the entire project in an organizable manner despite having some difficulties in K-nearest Neighbors Regression. Keep it up mate ! and with consistency in place, all shall be well.
Have got two humble suggestions;

  • You ought to have included the link of the dataset you have used for easy access by the reader. who may wish to explore on the dataset
  • Giving background information of the dataset you are using is very key when working on any project, this make it easier for the reader to adapt with the dataset and the entire project as well, hope you will check onto that in your upcoming projects.

Otherwise keep it up mate for the good work. Wishing you all the best in upcoming projects.

Happy learning!