Predicting Car Prices using KNN algorithm - Guided Project

Hi Guys,

I am sharing my guided project about Predicting Car Prices
(path: Data Scientist in Python
part: part 7 - Machine Learning Introduction
lesson: Machine Learning Fundamentals,
#155 , #155-6 ).

I would gladly appreciate any feedback on the structure, code and findings.

Link to last mission screen - here

Uploaded Jupyter Notebook -
GP22_TG_PredictingCarPrices.ipynb (276.2 KB)

Cheers and have a nice day!

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Hi @tgusciora, you’ve done really great work.

  • You didn’t add a proper introduction of what the project is about, kindly do and maybe add an image to it too
  • Import all that you need first before explaining what the variables are about.
  • you don’t need to always add the print() to instances when you employ pandas functions like in In[6] you did print( and in In[7] and the likes so you can just use it without printing.
  • in cell 8,9 why don’t you investigate the missing data of each of those columns in different cells it’d make your work more interesting
  • Your conclusion was on point.

Great project, keep up :+1:

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