Predicting house sale prices, feature selection. oddly precise rmse results

Link to my notebook as it stands
Basics (14).ipynb (97.3 KB)

Immediately relevant code

def select_fatures(DF):
#     na_count = DF[numeric_cols].isna().sum()
#     bad_cols = na_count[na_count >0]
#     feature_list = numeric_cols.drop(target)
#     target_list = ['SalePrice']
#     feature_list = ['Gr Liv Area']
    return feature_list

def train_and_test(DF, transform= False, feature_list = ['Gr Liv Area']):
    train = DF[:1460]
    test = DF[1460:]
    target = 'SalePrice'
    if transform == True:
    lr = LinearRegression()[feature_list],train[target])
    train_prediction = lr.predict(train[feature_list])
    test_prediction = lr.predict(test[feature_list])
    train_rmse = math.sqrt( mse(train_prediction, train['SalePrice']))
    test_rmse = math.sqrt( mse(test_prediction, test['SalePrice']))
    print('train_rmse {}, \n test_rmse {}'.format(train_rmse,test_rmse))

numeric_cols = data.select_dtypes(['int64','float64']).columns
data['years_until_remod'] = (data['Year Remod/Add'] - data['Year Built'])

numeric_cols = data.select_dtypes(['int64','float64']).columns

num_data =data[numeric_cols].drop(columns = ['Order', 
                                             'Year Built',
                                             'Year Remod/Add',
                                             'Lot Frontage',
                                             'Garage Yr Blt',
                                             'MS SubClass'])

num_data = num_data[num_data['years_until_remod']>= 0]
num_data = num_data.dropna(axis = 0)

cleaned_data = num_data

print(cleaned_data.shape, '  ', data.shape)

import seaborn as sns

clean_corr = cleaned_data.corr()['SalePrice']
hi_corr = clean_corr[clean_corr> .4].sort_values(ascending=False)
hi_corr_index = hi_corr.index

train_and_test(cleaned_data, feature_list = hi_corr_index)

relevant output:

train_rmse 1.1867434335950793e-11, 
 test_rmse 1.1984677298704358e-11

I do not believe my rmse should be that small. At this point in the project I should not be getting within fractions of a penny of accurately predicting prices.

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Hi @westlundderek

Your code it’s ok. What i think the problem is, is the fact that you only used the numerical data and forgot about the categorical data that can or cannot have an impact in the RMSE value. So my recommendation is to transform that categorical data into numerical and then run the model again. Specially because that categorical data explains a lot about the conditions of the houses and other things that again, might or might not affect the RMSE value

Good luck!


I forgot to drop the SalePrice column from the list that I was using for the feature selection.

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