Predicting Stock Market Guided Project

Hi everyone,

Attached you can find my solution to the Predicting Stock Market Guided project. Since there is no solution notebook provided for this project, I have nothing to refer to in order to determine how I did. That’s why I’d appreciate your feedback.

I decided to complete the project in a Jupyter Notebook in my local environment as this way it was easier for me to format it as all the other projects.

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Predicting stock market.ipynb (37.4 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Hi @ivelinagenova

Project looks good but i think it needs a final analysis. Also you can use a list to select the features in the model. Also i don’t know if your model is accurate or not i mean there isn’t an error metric that evaluates the training error, so we don’t know if the model is overfitted or underfitted.

But still it’s a good project and it looks like you get a good result
Good luck!


Hi @alegiraldo666,

Thanks for the feedback! I guess it’s still a work in progress but I wanted to check whether I was on the right track.

Thanks to your comments, I’ve already added some changes:

  • moved the features to a list so that it looks much tidier
  • added the RMSE metric

The final analysis is the more challenging point I need to focus on. :wink:

Have a lovely day,

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