Predicting the stock market (m65)

Hi all!
Upload my next project.
Wait for your criticism and notices.
Best regards, Vadim Maklakov.Predicting_the_stock_market_m65.ipynb (705.3 KB)

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Hi Vadim,

Thanks for sharing another great project with the Community. For sure, currently you’re the fastest learner on the platform and, at the same time, the quality of your projects really is impressive! Great job using both lasso and linear regressions and especially interesting observations and conclusions from this comparison. Clean code and efficient code commenting, excellent function documentation, informative background information in the introduction, all the necessary links, including those on the additional resourses. Ah, and I liked your cool cover picture! :sweat_smile:

A few suggestions from my side:

  • Please increase numbers, labels, legends, and titles on your plots, they are too small for now. Otherwise, the plots themselves look great.
  • The code cell [5]: consider creating a function for close column for different number of days.
  • The code cell [6]: it’s better to add a short title to each table.
  • The code cells [7]-[10]: separate better the output tables (adding empty lines between them). Otherwise, for now, each title seems to be attached to the end of the previous table.
  • Always add an empty line before each code comment to enhance code readability.
  • The code cell [12]: here maybe it’s better to create a function for these plots to avoid code repetition.
  • Be careful of typos.

Hope my feedback was helpful. Keep up this fast learning and high quality level! :fire:

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Elena, thank you very much!
I keep in mind your notices.

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