Print entire dataset

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My Code:

# Add your code below
monster_jobs_clean <- read_csv("monster_jobs.csv")

What I expected to happen:
Print the 86 rows of the csv

What actually happened:
Prints only 50

Hi @juanh80702:

Welcome to the community! I think you are supposed to read monster_jobs_clean.csv and not monster_jobs.csv. Hope this clarifies!

Hi, yeah i readed monster_jobs_clean.csv and I wanted to experiment with monster_jobs.csv, so when i readed monster_jobs.csv shows me a dataset of 50 rows, but when its decribed the dataset here , they explain that is a dataset of 86 rows.
Sorry for my English, i don’t speak it very well :sweat_smile:

Hi @juanh80702: If I’m not wrong, I think by 86 rows they mean the original uncleaned csv file (i.e. monster_jobs.csv ). After it has been cleaned it will be 50 rows instead ( monster_jobs_clean.csv).

Hi Ohhhh ok, but it prints monster_jobs.csv because it shows more columns but the same number of rows

Hi @juanh80702, the display of dataframes is limited to 50 rows on the user interface. You can see the entire dataset by entering this command in the optional pop-up console, after running the code to generate the dataframe:

print(monster_jobs_clean, n = 86)


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Thanks, it worked :smiley:

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