Prision brake guided project

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Hello @Zik-Tech and welcome to the community,

Good job completing the project and thank you for sharing it.

You followed the guidance quite well and I can’t see anything that needs improvement on that front. What you also did well is explaining the each finding which can be very useful to help readers understand what they’re looking at.

It’s also great that you answered the additional questions at the end of the project. With that said, consider using the data itself to prove your answers; it could be interesting to see if your answer would match the answers in Wikipedia, for example. You would be surprised to see that Wikipedia is slightly wrong in saying Pascal Payet had 3 prison escapes, and that having more escapees is beneficial up to a certain extent.

Further suggestions:

  1. Add a more descriptive title. “Analyzing Data” is quite general and I’m confident you can come up with something more specific to the project.
  2. Add an introduction. Explain the project and what it’s all about. Most importantly, write about the questions you’re attempting to answer.
  3. Add comments. Explain what your code is trying to do. You don’t need to comment everything, but since you’re starting out, it’s better to overcomment than undercomment so you can get into the habit of commenting.

Reading this style guide can also be immensely useful, so I recommend reading it and gradually applying it in your projects.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.


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