Prision Break Guided Project Solution

Here’s my solution to the Prision Break Guided Project. Any comments will be welcome! I tried to be as clear as possible on explaining my reasoning, please let my know about that.

I’m very happy to start again in Dataquest after long years, it is great to be back.

prision_break.ipynb (65.1 KB)

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Hi @phssaraiva

Welcome back to the community!

You did a great job answering the year and country with the most escape attempts. Your analysis was easy to follow by reading your inline and markdown comments. I enjoyed reading your project.

You could use the code below if you wanted to use one if statement to append to unique_years [ ]

if year not in unique_years:
unique_years.append(year) #we append the year to the unique_years list.

Also, here is a link to a style guide that may help you with your future projects.

Great job on finishing your project!


Hi @phssaraiva, in addition to what @Casandra_Hayward have said try to add a comprehensive introduction to your work.