Prison Break Guided Project

Here’s my first project in DS tutorial course: Prison Break
Please share with me some feedback so I can make my first project more improve: (198.6 KB)

Hi @biengioichantroi , welcome to the community and thanks for sharing your first guided project here. Could you please upload the ipynb file of your guided project here?

You can have a look here to get a better idea.

Basic.ipynb (198.6 KB)
I’m sorry for late respond
Here is my ipynb file of my first guide project

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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No worries @biengioichantroi ,

I had a quick glance at your project and the code looks good. You have correctly followed all the steps given in the instructions. So good effort.

Though in ln 4, you didnt necessarily print what you wanted.

for row in data:

Did you figure out what went wrong in the above code? Do have a second look and give it a thought.

The only other suggestion I have is related with the presentation. Though you have nicely created a structure with all the headers, I believe you can add more explanations and code comments to improve the readability of your report. I believe this guide will help you with that
An In-Depth Style Guide for Data Science Projects – Dataquest

I hope this helps. Good luck with your next project.

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Thank you for the feedback, I have seen what’s wrong in the code that you have mentioned above:
Instead of print a few row of data list I’ve been printed the data three times (print(data[:3]) with the loop for row in data)
I will note down and improve these for my next projects

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Awesome. Looking forward to your next project.

hey bro iam vietnamese too ,can i have your in4 so that we can keep in touch ?
Thanh u so much !!!

i dont understand why i can not import helper like u , my ‘helper’ are not the same color with yours

you can check in your Jupyter in DQ task: File/Open → check helper is existence or not
But when I operated, the words ‘helper’ did not change color too, until I have done my prj and uploaded it as a .ipynb file in here
You can reset all code commands, restart and give it 2nd try from 1st code: from helper import *, make sure that you operate it in DQ Jupyter environment (because other environments doesn’t contain helper library)
You can check directly the first code by Ctrl + Enter to make sure that there is no code syntax, etc… error occur

thank for your help bro !!!

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