Prison Break Guided Project!

This project was fun enough, although I did have more than one year with the maximum number of attempts.

Basics_Prison_Break_BG.ipynb (78.9 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

Hi @bgordo81 and welcome to the community!

It looks like you’ve uploaded your project in a compressed file rather than just the *.ipynb file itself. You might want to read this post as well for help on uploading your file correctly.

Happy learning!

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Okay, thanks, it’s now the uncompressed .ipynb file.

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Unfortunately it is not showing the link to view your project using nbviewer which means for someone to review your project, they will need to manually download your file, start a jupyter notebook server locally, and then open your file. In other words, a person will be less likely to review it.

You may want to read this post that explains what nbviewer is and how to manually create the link in your post if the system doesn’t create it for you automatically.

Hi @mathmike314, @bgordo81,

I repaired the link :slightly_smiling_face: