Prison break issue

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My Code:

for row in data:
    data[index]= row[:-1]

What I expected to happen:
[[‘August 19, 1971’, ‘Santa Martha Acatitla’, ‘Mexico’, ‘Yes’, ‘Joel David Kaplan Carlos Antonio Contreras Castro’], [‘October 31, 1973’, ‘Mountjoy Jail’, ‘Ireland’, ‘Yes’, “JB O’Hagan Seamus TwomeyKevin Mallon”], [‘May 24, 1978’, ‘United States Penitentiary, Marion’, ‘United States’, ‘No’, ‘Garrett Brock TrapnellMartin Joseph McNallyJames Kenneth Johnson’]]

What actually happened:

["Joel David Kaplan was a New York businessman who had been arrested for murder in 1962 in Mexico City and was incarcerated at the Santa Martha Acatitla prison in the Iztapalapa borough of Mexico City. Joel's sister, Judy Kaplan, arranged the means to help Kaplan escape, and on August 19, 1971, a helicopter landed in the prison yard. The guards mistakenly thought this was an official visit. In two minutes, Kaplan and his cellmate Carlos Antonio Contreras, a Venezuelan counterfeiter, were able to board the craft and were piloted away, before any shots were fired.[9] Both men were flown to Texas and then different planes flew Kaplan to California and Castro to Guatemala.[3] The Mexican government never initiated extradition proceedings against Kaplan.[9] The escape is told in a book, The 10-Second Jailbreak: The Helicopter Escape of Joel David Kaplan.[4] It also inspired the 1975 action movie Breakout, which starred Charles Bronson and Robert ", 'On October 31, 1973 an IRA member hijacked a helicopter and forced the pilot to land in the exercise yard of Dublin\'s Mountjoy Jail\'s D Wing at 3:40\xa0p.m., October 31, 1973. Three members of the IRA were able to escape: JB O\'Hagan, Seamus Twomey and Kevin Mallon. Another prisoner who also was in the prison was quoted as saying, "One shamefaced screw apologised to the governor and said he thought it was the new Minister for Defence (Paddy Donegan) arriving. I told him it was our Minister of Defence leaving." The Mountjoy helicopter escape became Republican lore and was immortalized by "The Helicopter Song", which contains the lines "It\'s up like a bird and over the city. There\'s three men a\'missing I heard the warde']

I have checked against other shared notebooks and cannot figure out the error.
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Based on your Jupyter Notebook, you have run the code cell containing your code above multiple times. Because of that, every time you run that cell data gets modified.

If you want to re-run any cell, you have to be more careful of what variables might update/change after you run it.

To make sure data doesn’t get modified, you need to also run the code cell where you initially defined data.