Prison break project - Helicopter Escape!

Had fun coding the first project !!

Link to the project is below -
prison_project.ipynb (80.0 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Hello @nbengt14. Welcome to the DQ community and good job on completing your first guided project! Here are few suggestions which you can implement in your next project, as well as this.

  • Add an introduction to the project stating what the project is about and what questions are you trying to answer by doing the particular project.
  • Took me some time to realize that, you have clubbed both removing the last column of the data and modifying the year column in the same for loop. Maybe, you could have added comments what is that you were trying to do. Would help for readers and as well, the future you when you come back to the project.
  • Also, use markdowns to explain your thought process to the readers. In this case, you could have explained why are you removing the details column of the dataset.
  • Too many code in a single cell. Though, this will not throw any error but it does hinder the readability of your code. I feel, you could have broke down the code for creating a list for all the years and attempts per year in two separate code blocks and also by adding respective code comments.
  • Adding a conclusion is very important, because I believe majority of them will skim through the project and read the conclusion of your findings.
  • Here’s a guide which will help you in structuring your future projects.

Overall, a good first project. Good luck on your learning journey. :smiley:

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Hello @nbengt14 . Welcome to DQ community
This is a very good first project. well done

i suggest that in your next project you avoid writing too many codes in one line like you did in line 44.

Great job

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Thank you very much for your valuable detailed feedback I have updated the code accordingly.

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Thank you very much I have updated accordingly

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