Prison Break Project - Intro to Python

Basics.ipynb (68.9 KB)

Hey! First project completed, had great fun with it! Even got to one of the optional questions at the end :smiley:

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Hi @kiecroft Great project.

I love the fact you went for the optional question as well, giving more than requested is definitely the way to go for learning.

My suggestions are:

  • Explore and add more to the description of the project, this is a valuable part that will make you stand out

  • Add visualization tools to communicate your findings, always try to tell a story using your graph

  • Describe your findings, each cell is a opportunity ti show what you did, so take advantage of that and tell us

Overall, great project keep adding techniques as you learned more, you will be amazed on the results in just a couples of months.

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Hi Pastor!

Thanks for the advice and thanks for reading through my project.

This was my first project on Dataquest and as Iā€™m now moving onto the more intermediate modules. I may come back and add some visualisations and complete some further analysis to better describe findings.

Thanks again :smiley: