Probability and Statistics: Other study materials/resources

Hello all,

What other resources than DQ has helped you in learning Probability and Statistics for Data Analysis? I have been following Khan Academy. Could you please share the other resources that helped you with your learning process?



Hi @menon.aj,

As you said, Khan academy is a great source to learn probability and statistics concepts. (I have followed their linear algebra materials and it was very helpful to visualize problems). In addition to that, if you are looking into solving more problems by hand to reinforce already built concepts, you can try the following book:
Schaum’s Outline of Probability and Statistics by John Schiller, Alu Srinivasan and Murray Spiegel
Amazon link

Also, I found a hackerrank tutorial challenge on statistics a lot of fun to do. It is a 10 day tutorial that has some easy coding challenges and multiple choice questions on distributions, centrality measures and so on. Following is the link:
Hackerrank - 10 days of statistics

If you are looking for Python/R specific tutorials on probability & stats, you can try the dataflair website. Following is the link for the Python - stats tutorials:

These are not mandatory, but just some resources that I have found useful to learn and apply concepts. You can pick and choose as to which area you wish to develop.

I hope you find some/all of them useful. Good luck!


I’m a big fan of Jason Brownlee and his incredible blog, Machine Learning Mastery. IMO, it’s important reading for people in the data science and data analysis space, because he writers excellent blog posts and ebooks about topics that touch on both topics. He teaches all these topics through Python programming, which makes it really useful for people looking to continue to improve thinking programmatically in Python. I find his teaching style very much in-line with Dataquest’s approach and principles.

Here’s a Google search looking for probability and/or statistics on his blog. Honestly, if you can afford it, I can’t recommend his books highly enough. They might be a bit expensive depending on your budget, but they are so worth it - his teaching style and the depth of his content is unmatched, and the books bring together and break down complex topics in an excellent fashion.

Check out his books “Probability for Machine Learning” and “Statistical Methods for Machine Learning” on hisproducts page - He also has a “Math Bundle” which includes a discounted price for those books + one more on “Linear Algebra” (which is my favorite book on linear algebra bar none).

Hope that helps :slight_smile: