Problem Generating HTML with Pelican to Make a Blog

Hi again!

I hope you’re all staying safe during the pandemic and learning a lot!

I’m trying to create a blog on GitHub according to the instructions in the Dataquest post on how to build a data science portfolio called “Building a Data Science Blog for Your Portfolio”.

I’ve followed all the steps and have done fine until the Generating HTML step, which is where I’m running into trouble. Here are the instructions for that step:

  • Switch to the jupyter-blog folder.
  • Run pelican content to generate the HTML.
  • Switch to the output directory.
  • Run python -m pelican.server.
  • Visit localhost:8000 in your browser to preview the blog.

I ran into problems in the second step, “Run pelican content to generate the HTML.” It did not work. I did this:
$ pelican content
I got this:
WARNING: PLUGIN_PATH setting has been replaced by PLUGIN_PATHS, moving it to the new setting name. WARNING: Defining PLUGIN_PATHS setting as string has been deprecated (should be a list) ERROR: Could not process .ipynb_checkpoints/my_first_blog_post-checkpoint.ipynb | Exception: Could not find metadata in `.nbdata` file or inside `.ipynb` ERROR: Could not process ./my_first_blog_post.ipynb | Exception: Could not find metadata in `.nbdata` file or inside `.ipynb` Done: Processed 0 articles, 0 drafts, 0 pages, 0 hidden pages and 0 draft pages in 0.07 seconds.

The following steps steps failed as well, but I’m guessing that’s because the above step failed, so I’d like to figure out what’s going on with it before moving further. It seems like this problem might have something to do with the package versions, but I’m not sure how those rally work. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks and stay safe!

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Hi @quinones,

I believe this post will help you with it:


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