Problem in adding table in Jupyter Markdown

Hi Guys, please help. Somehow I couldnt get the correct table format after running the markdown cell
Screen Link: - The dataset can be downloaded from link

Your Code:

Column Name Description
“id” App ID

What I expected to happen:

What actually happened: Table |Column Name| Description| | --- | --- | |"id"|App ID|
Other details: The table shows here correctly using my code, but I dont understand why I got the red colour results

Hi @jessrichft

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Go through the below link, which contains the cheatsheet for Markdown and can you share the link of notebook show that I can have a look at it.

Hi There,

Thank you for the reply. But I dont know how to share the link of Jupyter notebook. Pls advise. Thank you.


Hey @jessrichft

Go through the below post steps. First Download the notebook as shown in the post then use the upload button to upload the downloaded .ipynb file.

I hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face: .

Hi, the .ipynb is attached. Please have a look. Thank you for the help.

Basics.ipynb (1.4 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

hi @jessrichft

You need to add “|” at the start and end to cater to three columns against three headers of the table. And also, maybe everything in one line is not rendering the table.

Table |Column Name| Description| | --- | --- | |"id"|App ID|

try similar to the following structure:

| Table | Column Name | Description |
| "id" | App ID | |

It should give you result as below:

Table Column Name Description
“id” App ID

The spaces before & after each value (for example " Table " and not “Table”) are only for readability in reply.


I also wanted add a useful tool for helping with tables:

You can create a table from scratch in the interface, or copy and paste data, and it will generate the Markdown code for it. I tend to screw up tables and this tool has saved me so much time and frustration.


That’s a great resource!! Thank you @april.g :smiley:

thank you @Rucha
All good now

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