Problem in Python code?

Screen Link:

My Code:

opened_file = open('AppleStore.csv')
from csv import reader
read_file = reader(opened_file)
apps_data = list(read_file)

apps_over_nine = []
apps_under_nine = []
for row in apps_data[1:]:
    price = float(row[4])
    ratings = float(row[7]
    if price > 9.0:
    if price < 9.0:
avg_rating = sum(apps_over_nine) / len(apps_over_nine)

n_apps_more_9 = len(apps_over_nine)
n_apps_less_9 = len(apps_under_nine) 

What I expected to happen:
It should process the data.

What actually happened:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/tmp/", line 86, in run_code_string
    exec(code, variables)
  File "<string>", line 11
    if price > 9.0:
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Not sure why it’s saying there is a String in the if statement.

Hi @tlars47 , I think you omitted the closed parenthesis β€œ)” at the end of the code line:

ratings = float(row[7])Include a close parenthesis