Problem to check databases that are not from the platform (1.9 MB)

Hello, I am writing because I am trying to practice with other databases that are not on the platform but I cannot make them run, as are running those that are from the platform, I would like to know if someone can help me by checking to see that I am doing wrong.I know that in the exercises we use .db type files and this is .sql type but I don’t know how this type of files should be used

My Code:

I attach the file below,

Thanks for your help.

Hi ishiozawa

A .db file is a generic file that stores data in a structured format, typically with an arrangement of tables, table fields, field data types, and field values.
.sql file is the script file of SQL server that contain the all command of particular database.
In order to use a script file, you’ll have to read the query inside the .sql file.

script_file = open('db_dump_version_2.sql', 'r')

Then connect to the database and run the queries.
If you are interested in using MySQL, you’ll have to install the MySQL connector first.
Refer this article for more details.

Hope this helps.