Problem to finish the exercise and mission 392-9

Screen Link:

My Code:

tr [:lower:] [:upper:] <sorted_stdin >mad_vowels

What I expected to happen:
This exercise does not finish, though that should be finished

What actually happened:

Replace this line with the output/error
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I have the same issue unfortunately

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I have the same issue too. My code is correct, but the exercise does not finish. Would appreciate if someone help us. Thanks!

I just put the following:

tr[:lower:] [:upper:]<sorted_stdin

@yurica And it works?

I guess we are all waiting for an answer or a solution…?

Your code is correct. Hope this works for you. :point_down:t5:


Thank you Jaspreet, your suggestion was very helpful to me…


I have the same issue now as well. It seems that it has not been resolved yet, since the 11th of May.

@Sahil could you please resolve it asap? I’ll create a ticket, of course, but judging by the previous comments here, the problem remains, in spite of any tickets. It’s actually quite frustrating that the same bug, reported already by many people during the last half a year, has been still persisting.

Thank you in advance!


Thank you for creating a ticket for this @Elena_Kosourova. I am reposting my response here for clarification:

In the past, we had many bugs in the command line missions and the posts in the community are related to the old cases. Here is a message that was posted in the community when the fix was implemented:

Command line answer checking issues are fixed! 🎉

Postfix the number of bug reports on the command line missions has been drastically reduced. This specific case is related to a different issue:

When you open a screen in our command line missions, it is designed to run all the commands in the previous screen so that the command line state becomes relevant to the currently opened screen. However, on screen 9, there is an issue. One of the commands in screen 8 require manual intervention (Pressing Ctrl + D):

  1. Run sort -u >sorted_stdin in your home directory.
  2. Insert the characters a, i, u, e, o in any order you want, one character per line.
  3. Press "CTRL-D."

Because this task requires user input, our system that executes all the previous command gets stuck. Therefore, screen 9 will fail if the screen was accessed directly. For example:

On the other hand, it will work if we access screen 8, complete the task, and then move on to screen 9 like this:

I will check it with our product team to see if there is any way to make that user input work automatically with our system.



i have the same issue too