Problems in ranking customer in Fuzzy language

Screen Link:

My Code:

best_churn['scaled_tran'] = (best_churn['nr_of_transactions']\

best_churn['scaled_amount'] = (best_churn['amount_spent']\

best_churn['score'] = (0.5* best_churn['scaled_tran'] \
                       + 0.5 * best_churn['scaled_tran']) * 100

best_churn.sort_values('score', ascending = False, inplace = True)

What I expected to happen:
Nice work

What actually happened:

Value of best_churn is not what we expected.

Looks like you’re getting an error due to a typo in the above code. As per the instructions for this step:

Create a column called score using the formula at the beginning of this screen. Make sure you use the scaled columns created in the previous instruction.

Let me know if this isn’t enough of a hint and we can try something else. Good luck!

Thank you! I don’t know why i can’t see the typo, silly me…